I decided to rethink my diet for 2018, this of course, is a standard thought that a lot of people have at the start of a new year. Many will fail, many will succeed and some will find a new balance to live by. I really don’t know if I will become 100% Vegan at all, but new ways to enjoy food and be a little more aware will be fun. Like most politicians I did hardly any research into doing this, went with minimal information and hoped for the best. The first thing I did before my ‘Day 1’ was make some overnight oats for my breakfast. why?


The videos had me excited, I imagined exactly how it would taste and all the nice things that could be mixed with the base of oats, non dairy milk and optional yogurt. If you were wondering what I made, here is my exact ingredient list:

1 x cup of rolled oats (any brand is fine)

1 x cup of Almond milk

1 x tea spoon of Chia seeds

1 x Blueberries

1 x tea spoon of honey to taste

I was so excited all night for my OO. I was looking forward to the creamy delicious taste I had seen so much about on YouTube. I woke up and made my coffee (black) and took my Overnight Oats out of the fridge…eagerly I opened them and placed in my spoon…tasted it and guess what? It tasted exactly like what it was. Slimy, cold porridge. I was pretty disappointed that this had happened and left it on the side. I gave it another go around twenty minutes later when it had got just above room temp and liked it a lot more to the point I finished it all. I then had a shower threw some clothes on and headed out.

I didn’t find myself that hungry funnily enough after the oats so I foolishly skipped lunch. I went back to get ready as I was going out that night with a friend I hadn’t seen since we did some audio work last year. Lucky us Vegans can have alcohol eh?! I quickly gobbled a veggie burger down and after a few drinks my friend pulled a small gift out for me from their travels to Australia and….it was a tin of Milo, WINNING! I wasn’t aware this was non vegan until after I had drank two cold glasses with Almond milk the next morning as I was a tad hungover……Skipping lunch: BAD, Milo for a hangover: GOOD.

Hangovers without a fried sausage sandwich are pretty hard. I decided a few more hours sleep with a painkiller would help and after I woke (again) I had a veggie curry. Sunday was a bit of a fail as my friend asked me over for lunch and she was cooking a roast so not wanting to be that person who expects everyone to bend to my breeze just because I am trying something new, I went and ate a Sunday roast. Please understand this is a trial I just can’t bring myself to ask others to pay extra for me or spend more time doing this and that in the kitchen until I am committed, I hope that makes sense and I won’t get dragged. #justbeinghonest!

The lunch was delicious and filled me up nicely so I didn’t need anything else for the rest of that day, which brings us to the present day…you will be happy to know today has been most vegan friendly with fruit for breakfast, falafel for lunch and dinner (when I make it) will be a veggie burger with salad and sweet chilli dip.

So far it isn’t so bad, although it sure costs a little more I noticed that in three days!! Let’s see what happens over the next week.