It’s great TFL decided to see sense on calling a near three day strike off, although not confirmed on their own website yet. But for real, this is far beyond a joke because they will do it again, of course they will. I know it and so do you. The thing that really pisses me off is the way everyday commuters are brought into the mix.

The fight is between staff member and bosses. But in the crazy world of TFL that means we have to suffer with them too. I am fed up of being a barter piece. I pay £5000 a year. Do you think I like to pay that for late running services pretty much 3 times a week minimum? I think it’s a complete joke and the fact that you are fighting to save jobs while potentially loosing other people their positions is nothing short of hypocritical, stupid and really isn’t helping anyone feel sorry for you. As I said before I feel like a pawn in a game of chess I never asked to play.

A day here or there is expected, sometimes a strong point needs to be made but three days? We don’t get refunds on our weekly/monthly/annual passes in industrial strikes and you think that’s cool? You are robbing people.

Sit down like adults for 48 hours if you have to (in YOUR time of course) until you cant talk anymore, meet in the middle or reach a satisfactory conclusion.

When I see silly schemes (which I am not sure are even real so please let me know) like flat mates ride for free costing £33,000,000 Pa (est) wouldn’t the 33 million help keep some jobs? If I dared to strike at my job I would be fired it’s a total take. I bet they put the strikes back on last minute just to be power mad. I’m all for workers rights but you lot are acting crazy.