I was thinking back to years ago and I remember a game called ‘Ripper’ a murder mystery come interactive film type of creation from Take-Two Interactive. It was a monster of a game with from what I remember, I had 6 discs for the whole game to be contained played directly from the CD. This was handy for storage issues.

The acting was rather ham to say the least, but it was entertaining and had Blue Oyster Cult for the intro, gore and Christopher Walken in it so how can it not be cool? I also think I might of, slightly…had a crush on Jake Quinlan played by Scott Cohen or possibly Nicholas Cage, I don’t think anyone knows the truth.

Check that awful hair do bro!

I remember hearing swear words in a game which was pretty much a lot as I was only around 11/12 when I acquired the game. The worst I had come across prior might of been minor profanities in other PC games and totally inoffensive ones in Nintendo games….well minus Hong Kong 97 but I’m not sure it qualifies as a real Nintendo game! The games criminal changed with each new start so it technically was a different game each time you played so that was also a nice touch, not that I ever completed it this was a HARD game!

It stands out in my mind and I have never forgotten this little gem of a game. It is totally worth a look. The game is set in 2040 (if I remember right) and Christopher Walken is just what you expect from Christopher Walken. There is zero fucks given by Walken in any one scene.

Check it out!