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I Heart NY – A Loners Guide Day 2!

  Crashing out on my first night in NY was a bit of a arse as now I had been in and out of sleep since 1am. Instead of crying like a baby the combination of the freezing AC and obvious… Continue Reading →

I Heart NY, The Loners Guide – Day 1

  Arrival NY: I flew with virgin Atlantic and it was a pleasant enough experience, the staff were great and my neighbour was a girl from the Bronx who gave me a nice bit of insight to the place and was… Continue Reading →

TFL Strikes Making me Mad!!!

It’s great TFL decided to see sense on calling a near three day strike off, although not confirmed on their own website yet. But for real, this is far beyond a joke because they will do it again, of course… Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate….Congratulate

  I read an article recently and was totally surprised at the content of the piece. The spread basically was targeting a hard working young Woman who had been to lots of great places around the globe. The woman wrote about… Continue Reading →

Travel Essentials for Economy Long Haul!

Long Haul Essentials!  I landed back from the states only a while ago and jet lagged does not even cut it. Because I am ravished with holiday blues, can’t sleep and the rainy UK weather is really rubbing it in. I got… Continue Reading →

The Magic Castle – Hollywood

It’s actually hurting me to write this. Why? That would be because I’m back home and not there. I loved my stay here and the apartments are pretty much self contained and although the service level is plentiful, you really… Continue Reading →

Tube and Rail Fares…commuting made simple?

I work in the big City but I live pretty far out from it. I buy a monthly ticket for tube and rail to bring me into the heart of London to my place of work. This costs me around £6000… Continue Reading →

Rules of Train and Tube Travel.

It’s hard being a commuter. Most of us know the rules, head down and make as little eye and body contact as possible. Some people seem to think they are acceptations to the rules, but unfortunately no one is that… Continue Reading →

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