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Keeping Up With The Joneses…

Wanna be startin’ Something!? – Quincy Jones isn’t stopping till he gets enough after claiming he has been getting the short end of the stick on royalties. Jones claims he has been owed since the tragic death of Michael Jackson. With the elevated… Continue Reading →

All You Need is Love…..& Song Rights.

Remember when Michael Jackson outbid McCartney on pretty much his life in music? Me neither, I wasn’t born then, but what a punch in the face right!? So after a hard day’s night and working eight days a week it… Continue Reading →

Colour Switch

Color Switch! Color Switch is one of the most FRUSTRATING yet ADDICTIVE games ever! Produced by Eye Box Games – David Reichelt & Aditya Oza and some serious beats from Tom Garnett. I deleted this a while back as I was… Continue Reading →

Is This the Real Life…?

Is this just fantasy….YOU KNOW YOU READ THAT IN QUEENS HARMONY VOCALS! Listen I just heard one of the greatest songs ever made played by the medium of Fairground Organ – Original Arrangement written by Alexey Rom …..I saw it on… Continue Reading →

2017 Let’s Begin!

  HAPPY NEW YEAR MOONLIGHTERS, IT IS 2017! (Still early enough to say this!?) This year has gone off to a crazy start for real! Yesterday London was in a right old pickle because the TfL underground workers only went… Continue Reading →

Things I am feeling and not feeling!

This is just what I am pounding out at work and outside of work (When I’m not being told to stick it back to user-friendly tracks…). So the pick of the bunch for me right now… Seinabo Sey – ‘Pretend’… Continue Reading →

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