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Vegan-uary – 2018 Challenges

  I decided to rethink my diet for 2018, this of course, is a standard thought that a lot of people have at the start of a new year. Many will fail, many will succeed and some will find a… Continue Reading →

Netflix Castlevania Series – FIRST IMPRESSION!

I love video games and anime so when I heard about a Castlevania I was very excited. I had a feeling it would not disappoint. The franchise is way to established to take a risk on a quickly thrown together… Continue Reading →


You would think I have no idea of when we last talked, And all the places that we had been mean nothing in my thoughts. What kind of idiot would think about you twice? What type of fool would come… Continue Reading →

The Difficulties of Remaining Positive.

I try my best to make the best of each day, I really do but a reoccurring problem I find is the people who seem to think asking you to ‘smile!’ because it isn’t so bad or the ones who say you… Continue Reading →

2017 Let’s Begin!

  HAPPY NEW YEAR MOONLIGHTERS, IT IS 2017! (Still early enough to say this!?) This year has gone off to a crazy start for real! Yesterday London was in a right old pickle because the TfL underground workers only went… Continue Reading →

A Great Start to the Week…..with a Strike.

  The above title is sarcasm which of course is dubbed the lowest form of wit. Unfortunately my journey into work this morning due to the lovely strike action will read like it is dripping with sarcasm when in fact it will be a… Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate….Congratulate

  I read an article recently and was totally surprised at the content of the piece. The spread basically was targeting a hard working young Woman who had been to lots of great places around the globe. The woman wrote about… Continue Reading →

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