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Netflix Castlevania Series – FIRST IMPRESSION!

I love video games and anime so when I heard about a Castlevania I was very excited. I had a feeling it would not disappoint. The franchise is way to established to take a risk on a quickly thrown together… Continue Reading →

Dead Snake In PS4!

Imagine, you are kicking back, juice in hand about to play ‘Last of us’ but your PS4 stops working. So when an electrician opened up your beloved PS4 and finds a dead snake in there, no one is going to be… Continue Reading →

Why did Super Mario make for such a ham movie!?

There is an element of dread when it comes to the whole “Movie Crossover” and gaming. Since there are rumors flying around about another Mario film I really hope Nintendo don’t repeat history again and here is why… Firstly, why… Continue Reading →

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