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Vegan-uary – 2018 Challenges

  I decided to rethink my diet for 2018, this of course, is a standard thought that a lot of people have at the start of a new year. Many will fail, many will succeed and some will find a… Continue Reading →

I Heart NY – A Loners guide Day 3

  Another warm day and before sunrise and as I lay in and out of napping and calling front desk to have the AC turned off, I decided a fat Coffee was in order. After that because first things first and all I decided… Continue Reading →

Colour Switch

Color Switch! Color Switch is one of the most FRUSTRATING yet ADDICTIVE games ever! Produced by Eye Box Games – David Reichelt & Aditya Oza and some serious beats from Tom Garnett. I deleted this a while back as I was… Continue Reading →

Travel Essentials for Economy Long Haul!

Long Haul Essentials!  I landed back from the states only a while ago and jet lagged does not even cut it. Because I am ravished with holiday blues, can’t sleep and the rainy UK weather is really rubbing it in. I got… Continue Reading →

Do you remember – Snake Rattle and Roll!

I had a passing thought on a great game on the way back home today! Snake Rattle and Roll! I remember from the moment you switched the game on, you were hit with that rendition of the 12 bar classic ‘Shake, Rattle n Roll’… Continue Reading →

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