Super Mario Run finally will dry your tears Android users! Nintendo has officially announced that Super Mario Run WILL come to the platform……only problem is that it will happen in March! For the time being you can put your name on pre-order to make sure you are first in line to jump to it. Super Mario Run has given me plenty of fun on my journey to work (until I’m underground….boo) with the kingdom builder, main game and my favourite, the Rally challenges. I did think at first it was a little steep on the cost for how easy the main game was, but then I discovered the challenges change to unlock more goodies for your kingdom, there is a lot more to achieve and collect. The rally games allow you to compete against players on a world wide scale which is lots of fun and great to beat the next best player. It might not of been the smartest idea charging for the game as around 3 million out of the over 40 million that downloaded it actually went on to purchase the full game proving that when it comes to gaming apps… tends to win! It is a little bit of a take to ask Android users to wait till March when indie developers tend to tick both of these boxes on a first time offering. On the whole it’s a great game and very fun to play but come on Nintendo! Show the Android users some love!

It’s a me, Mario!