I read an article recently and was totally surprised at the content of the piece. The spread basically was targeting a hard working young Woman who had been to lots of great places around the globe. The woman wrote about her shamelessly and whoever was in her circles would of known this person, which was totally catty. I say, if she came from wealth then that is her good luck and what she chooses to do with her good fortune is also her choice to make.

I read it and thought the whole thing sounded completely salty. The writer basically said she made ‘hard working people feel bad‘ with her instagram post’s relaxing in a beach or a new city. I thought, oh get a life!? Have people nowadays got nothing better to do than congregate in the church of hate?

The woman probably was silly enough to think the posts she shared with her ‘friends’ was a happy thing to do, but instead all she got was a frienemy so bitter she wrote a whole article slamming her!

The best part was, she actually thought she had ground to stand on in such judgments. You only have the cards you are dealt in this life and you either stick or twist! I want more for myself and I am working hard to get there but if someone has more than me well good luck to them, I am working only for myself not them, so hating them isn’t going to get me anywhere.

Don’t think for a second I have masses of money either I’ve worked since the ages of 13 and still don’t have half the things society dictates I should, but guess what, I’m happy with my modest life!

I work my butt off, it took me months to save for a shoe string budget for my getaway which was a only week I might add! I save hard, I don’t go out, I don’t spend on silly things I don’t need so I can go to a place I might like to. If the life the girl is immersed in is that of the freedom to travel all over then why shouldn’t she? I see so much hate for people who are clearly enjoying life and it sucks arse. Stay in the country and you’re uncultured, travel around and your a show off!

I wish I had more money just like the next working person and surely I might get there one day but jeez, until then don’t hate, be happy for people and shut up!