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The moon is out and it's time to write!

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A Great Start to the Week…..with a Strike.

  The above title is sarcasm which of course is dubbed the lowest form of wit. Unfortunately my journey into work this morning due to the lovely strike action will read like it is dripping with sarcasm when in fact it will be a… Continue Reading →

Thinking of a New Job in 2017!?

Happy New Year Moonlighters! I really hope you had happy holidays, a great Christmas, a lovely new years eve and lets all take the time to hope for a great 2017 for everyone! OK, formalities done! Let’s get to it!… Continue Reading →

Shadowgate – NES Memories!

  Shadowgate was created by ICOM Simulations and was released for the NES in the late 1980’s. The game was point and click (one of my favorite types). I think from the only information provided at the start of the… Continue Reading →

Lumi Cushion by Loreal! #love

  Hold on to your beauty blenders bitches! For us ladies and gents that dream of high end make up and beauty products but alas working the 9-5 don’t help much with the cost, let me save your summer….   BA… Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate….Congratulate

  I read an article recently and was totally surprised at the content of the piece. The spread basically was targeting a hard working young Woman who had been to lots of great places around the globe. The woman wrote about… Continue Reading →

Say Goodnight Films – Chin Nyenwe

I got an email yesterday from a production company I was hoping to do some marketing work for last time they were recording as they have a new production underway and it got me thinking back to the last project…. Continue Reading →

Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack!

  I generally don’t like to spend too much on products even though they are my vice and I enjoy trying new beauty secrets and things that will turn back the clock. I love Korean skin care and have always… Continue Reading →

Travel Essentials for Economy Long Haul!

Long Haul Essentials!  I landed back from the states only a while ago and jet lagged does not even cut it. Because I am ravished with holiday blues, can’t sleep and the rainy UK weather is really rubbing it in. I got… Continue Reading →

The Magic Castle – Hollywood

It’s actually hurting me to write this. Why? That would be because I’m back home and not there. I loved my stay here and the apartments are pretty much self contained and although the service level is plentiful, you really… Continue Reading →

Dead Snake In PS4!

Imagine, you are kicking back, juice in hand about to play ‘Last of us’ but your PS4 stops working. So when an electrician opened up your beloved PS4 and finds a dead snake in there, no one is going to be… Continue Reading →

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