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The moon is out and it's time to write!

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Firstly, I have to say a few things. This is mainly because some people will go all out on anyone for pretty much anything. So if you feel PETA had a valid point or were justified in the complaint/letter extended to Warhammer… Continue Reading →

Pokémon – Gotta Catch Some More!

  If like myself the excitement of Pokémon has left you then fear not! For those of you still hunting like crazy to those who aren’t too fussed, a new mobile game is coming! *Drum Roll Please* Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ‘POKEMON DUEL!’ created… Continue Reading →


Super Mario Run finally will dry your tears Android users! Nintendo has officially announced that Super Mario Run WILL come to the platform……only problem is that it will happen in March! For the time being you can put your name… Continue Reading →

Colour Switch

Color Switch! Color Switch is one of the most FRUSTRATING yet ADDICTIVE games ever! Produced by Eye Box Games – David Reichelt & Aditya Oza and some serious beats from Tom Garnett. I deleted this a while back as I was… Continue Reading →

Castlevania 2 Memories

Castlevania 2 – Simon’s Quest Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest was released for NES in 1987, published and developed by Konami. Dracula is back and it’s time to pick up the whip and show this sucker who’s boss! Castlevania for me, was a… Continue Reading →

Smiling passenger OUTRAGE

  This morning on the Train heading towards Edmonton Green, a female passenger was left SHAKEN after a co-passenger, a female in her late twenties looked across the packed carrage and SMILED at her. The shocking case of social interaction left the… Continue Reading →

Take-Two Interactive Ripper!

I was thinking back to years ago and I remember a game called ‘Ripper’ a murder mystery come interactive film type of creation from Take-Two Interactive. It was a monster of a game with from what I remember, I had… Continue Reading →

Carnage on the District Line

  Commuters were left outraged yesterday when it transpired some idiot too busy taking pictures of the already crowded gate area to show how important they are on their social media pages while trying to prove just how busy the station was to their… Continue Reading →

Is This the Real Life…?

Is this just fantasy….YOU KNOW YOU READ THAT IN QUEENS HARMONY VOCALS! Listen I just heard one of the greatest songs ever made played by the medium of Fairground Organ – Original Arrangement written by Alexey Rom …..I saw it on… Continue Reading →

2017 Let’s Begin!

  HAPPY NEW YEAR MOONLIGHTERS, IT IS 2017! (Still early enough to say this!?) This year has gone off to a crazy start for real! Yesterday London was in a right old pickle because the TfL underground workers only went… Continue Reading →

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