I love video games and anime so when I heard about a Castlevania I was very excited. I had a feeling it would not disappoint. The franchise is way to established to take a risk on a quickly thrown together spin out right!?

The new series directed by Sam Deats and written by Warren Ellis has been highly anticipated by folks like myself and generally I have seen a hell of a lot more positive responses than negative. Let’s just jump straight in shall we!?


Episode 1 – Whichbottle.

As we know from where one of our favourite retro games started the Belmont family are a long line of Vampire slayers and the time has come to eradicate Dracula’s rising. So what’s the scoop here? Allow me! A young lady named Lisa who is well above her peers in medical studies desires to learn more about scientific studies searches for her own advancement away from the God fearing community she lives in. She decides to brave it and goes directly to Dracula’s castle not being deterred by the human skeletons on poles outside as a warning to other humans to steer clear. She enters and although (and understandably) shaken is bold and outright in her requests to Dracula to learn more about science and how to help mankind as a whole. Even with Dracula suggesting he will drink her blood she stands her ground and arousing his curiosity allows her in to his research and agrees to be a mentor. As the years advance Dracula falls in love with Lisa and she him and they are married. She teaches him to do as man does as a path back to a life with feeling and dare I say it, tames the creature of the night.

Unfortunately her backwards thinking village peers do not see life the same as Lisa, and while Dracula is away travelling, raid her home and find what they deem as ‘witchcraft’ and Lisa is communally burnt at the stake guilty of being a witch.

When Dracula returns he finds Lisa (or their) home in ruins and an old lady informs him she is dead and that she couldn’t of attended the burning as she thought it was wrong. Furious Dracula offers the only person to backed Lisa’s corner a warning to get out before exiting in a angry rage of flames.

He makes an appearance at the celebrating locals as Lisa is still burning and warns everyone of them including the priests they have 1 year to move out of the village before he takes everything dear to them and crushes it. If they are still there in 12 months for his wife’s vengeance he will kill all of them.

So the base of Dracula’s vengeance is that minus Lisa the only human he thought rectified mans existence, is that technically, he was proved right by them killing the only person he loved. As his grief boils over to anger he speaks of bring hell to Earth as his army.

The 12 months come to an end and we see the bishop and priest mocking the threat before Dracula appears and comes good on his word. It’s a pretty violent show and ends with our first glimpse of Simon Belmont himself (I assume) and it seems it isn’t just Dracula he isn’t popular with..

SO FAR – So good! I like the old school look and feel to the art and I also think the voice acting is on point. The story has escalated quickly and brought us up to speed well. I am looking forward to watching the next episode! Stay tuned and watch it for yourself on netflix here!