Remember when Michael Jackson outbid McCartney on pretty much his life in music? Me neither, I wasn’t born then, but what a punch in the face right!? So after a hard day’s night and working eight days a week it looks like Sir Paul McCartney has finally reached a deal with Sony who acquired the rights after Michael Jackson passed away.

Say, say say…about them rights..

The 267 strong back catalogue is pretty much worth it’s weight in gold so you can’t blame the guy sentimentally or financially fighting for it. Poor old Paul has been trying to ‘get back’ hands on the rights since 1980 when he was sucker punched by Jackson in the bidding. I guess that ruined the whole Say Say Say friendship! After Jackson’s passing the rights were sold to Sony last year and McCartney has sought ‘copyright termination’ that meaning that the rights to the work can be reclaimed after a time limit has passed. It was also stated that McCartney himself would of been granted all rights in 2018, although that has not been confirmed. All we know is Sony and McCartney have agreed a settlement in this case but what that is as yet undisclosed, but one thing is for sure, I bet Sir Paul McCartney can now say ‘I feel Fine’. Smiling Ringo is the best Ringo!