Another warm day and before sunrise and as I lay in and out of napping and calling front desk to have the AC turned off, I decided a fat Coffee was in order. After that because first things first and all I decided I would see the Empire State Building. Although I don’t recommend Churros for breakfast on a usual day I was ‘vacationing’ so I get the privilege of allowing myself fried sugar rich dough smothered in cinnamon with my morning joe. Side note just go to the street carts a dollar a coffee!? Yes please, in fact make it a large!

OK, breakfast out the way let’s get to it Empire State Building!! I topped up my Metro Card as again, a timer card wont cut it you will likely be in line to get to the top around 40 minutes on a good day. I arrived at 34th Street-Herald Square pretty quickly and being the map whizz I am headed in the completely wrong direction, that was right so if you are coming from Canal st go LEFT! As I looked around and wondered where this massive building was and how I couldn’t see where to go I stopped and looked behind me….bingo, there was the massive building I really should of saw when I left the subway -_-.

Anyway off I headed to the ESB and honestly it’s so funny in a good way seeing all the people who are part of the building in their get up of old school uniforms it’s a real nice touch and they all look real smart. I entered the building and got talking to someone at the desk adjacent from the crowds queuing to hand over their dollar bills. I asked him if it was worth it as if i remember right it was like $35? Something to that amount and he said it was so i asked if i could have a discount as I had no one to experience it with and he said he would love to but the answer ultimately was no. Gotta try right!?

The trip stops off firstly after gaining your ticket at a photo green screen so one by one the couples kissing and smiling families all has their Empire photo taken. I was starting to feel a bit self conscious my turn was approaching thick and fast so as I was beckoned over by the smiling staff, I said it was ok but instead I had the staff have a photo with me, much to the amusement of everyone around. So once the photo part is done you head to the elevator to the 80th floor (I think!) you get to watch a fun video on the elevator ceiling which is pretty entertaining and then come out to a mini museum of the history of the place although that is scattered all over the place too.

So taking a look at the great bits of history you can take a glance out of the many windows and enjoy the view and when you are done browsing it’s time to get back in line to look outside on the next floor which I have forgotten the number of, if you know it please remind me!

The view when you walk out is pretty amazing and kinda makes the trip worthwhile but I would recommend going with someone unless you are a professional photographer who is doing it for portfolio reasons. I really enjoyed looking around and taking a peep into the binoculars provided. It was a little cloudy but that was ok the only downside was it happened to be a school field trip day and you know when kids are at that awkward phase of completely being in your way from around 4-10 years old + on a sugar high? That phase!? Yeah, me too. Most of them were fine but one was pretty entertaining to watch, an excessively naughty one called ‘Jude’ but should of been called ‘rude’. He must of has his name yelled and been told off about 8 times for trying to scale the anti suicide cage, swinging on the binoculars, pushing his school friends and generally being an overexcited pain.

I had the unfortunate experience of the field trip following me all the way down including the elevators where little Jude was jumping up and down in a moving elevator. I managed to loose them by walking fast as they head counted the kids post elevation.

As I made my way to the exit I saw the photos and should you want one it will cost you $25 flat or $35 with a few gift pamphlets.

Once I had my feet back on the ground I headed back to Canal St, a place I was becoming more and more fond of and grabbed some lunch at August Gathering I really liked it here! This was literally but a few doors from my hotel and the service was fast and polite. I got a big bowl of Chicken Lo Mein and it was really nice although I did need to reach for the Sriracha because everyone needs a bit of spice right!?

I strolled back to my hotel with my doggie bag because portion control and decided I would head into Times Square for some drinks. Why Time Square? Because I’m a fucking tourist that’s why.

I headed into Times Square after a quick freshen up at the hotel and could understand why as an everyday New Yorker you may want to skip the place, as it was heaving. There were political demonstrations, little street shows, big street shows, people and families everywhere. It was pretty cool under all the screens and bustle to be honest I liked it quite a lot but I had my first really embarrassing experience of being asked to leave a bar for not having ID and ordering a G&T.

I headed on to the next bar and explained my embarrassing situation to the bar tender who served me a G&T before saying the guy at the last bar must of been a dick and did I want dinner when he finished. I drank up and left as I didn’t want dinner with him.

The bars are pretty much never ending round here, clubs, psychic readings, places to eat and honestly I can’t even remember most of the places I went most of the time I was just being nosey to be honest as getting drunk alone isn’t really cool as you just get the wrong attention. I decided to head back after walking into an Irish bar where I was greeted with a shout of ”it’s Sharon Stone! Eh look Sharon Stone just walked in!’ Before I was asked to change my seating position I went back to my hotel to eat cold Lo Mein and sleep.