Crashing out on my first night in NY was a bit of a arse as now I had been in and out of sleep since 1am. Instead of crying like a baby the combination of the freezing AC and obvious heat outside had me heading for the shower to wake myself up. Once dressed I plopped in a coffee sachet in my rooms coffee machine.

Outside of NY I had experienced these strange coffee in tea bags but finally understood how to use the damn machines without flooding them. The part you place the bag opens! YES! I finally got it after lots of failed attempts last year when I was away elsewhere.

I sat and drank the coffee knowing full well I would need something stronger but I would grab that when I went out. My first objective was to go to Canal Street for some hustling as I wanted a few bits like perfume and nik naks to bring back home.

One of the things that surprised me about NY or at least where I was staying was shops opening at 10:00am. This is late for an English person! I took it for granted shit would be open at 8/9 but nope, unless its your grocery store, pharmacy or a food place shops are pretty much non existent till 10am. This was no bother though, Canal Street was starting to wake up on my side so I thought I would head out.

It was Thursday, so although busy it was nothing unmanageable and every 5th person was offering me ‘handbag handbag handbag’ or ‘rolex, purse, bag’ I mean I wasn’t really interested to be honest. They look great for fakes but I didn’t need a new bag so I didn’t partake in buying or haggling but I sure enjoyed looking at the bags as they really were good for knock offs!

The tack shops are in abundance and whatever you get at one you can usually haggle your way better with them or the place next door, which is strange really as they are clearly all connected. I got some great bits! Perfume for $9 that smelt exactly like my usual favourite, a phone case for $5, stuff for my people back home (7 magnets, 10 keyrings and ornaments!) $15, I was happy enough with that! I dropped it back at my hotel and headed back out again. This time I went up to Broadway to look at the shops. It was still pretty early but it’s all about being outside.

Broadway has all the shops you could want from high street to high end. I was really looking forward to going to Sephora, I had heard so many great things about this place and was really excited to be able to go. After looking at all the closed shops and planning where I might like to go, it was finally near enough to ten for the doors to start opening. Sephora was just like I imagined it to be, full of lovely products that make you wish you had a lot more money. I left with a sheet mask to use at some point and went back to my hotel.

Once everything was dropped off I decided to head off to see Liberty. I was going to do that via the Statten Island Ferry, why anyone would pay another ferry when you’re alone unless you are really going to go for it and do the big ones is beyond me. You will need a new Metro card for the trip as a two hour card wont cut it! the Metro is so cheap out there London could learn a lot! Canal Street to Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal is like 20 minutes if that and once you exit the building you need is right in front of you so you wont have to worry about getting lost, I get lost everywhere but this was an easy trip.

You might see a few people to avoid on the Subway but that isn’t anything new, just keep your sensible head on!

The ferry comes every half hour and if you want to see the city and Statue of Liberty make sure to enter on the right side of the ferry. You can see the statue from the dock and I have to be honest it really brought a smile to my face. It’s one of them sights that really makes you realise you’re in this great country that you have seen on TV since as long as you can remember. The ferry wasn’t the most social ride going most people were taking selfies and fighting to be at the rails but I can’t blame them, I’m not really into that #selfie culture lol I mean who has time to take 30 pictures of themselves in public hoping one might make them look interesting/sexy? Answer is: QUITE A LOT. #boring #getalife #selfiesarealonies

The ferry is a pleasant trip and really enjoyable on sunny day such as that was. Once at Statten Island there are places for refreshment and souvenirs. I had a nose around outside but without going deeper in It didn’t look like too much was going on and I was intending to get the next ferry back as I had other plans to get on with. So I can’t tell you much about Statten Island I’m afraid!




On my way back I realised I was pretty hungry so I stopped and grabbed some snacks from the 7-11 it’s 2 blocks down on the corner of Canal, pretty handy when you are staying in the neighbourhood. There is a guy who blasts classical music and opens the door for you with a tip cup ready for your spare change.

Back at the hotel I had a few emails and messages to deal with, the hotel had free wifi and although sketchy it’s pretty good service. Once I had caught up with my messages and food it was around 17:00 so that can mean only one thing. BEER O CLOCK.

I had a quick shower and got my arse down to reception to ask if there were any bars that could be recommended and the guy behind the desk said to try The Whiskey Tavern on Baxter, so off I set. What should of taken me ten minutes took me 25, I got lost. so i was really needing a nice cool drink when I finally found the place!

Whiskey Tavern is real friendly and happy hour drinks last till 7pm. The bar staff are real nice and generally its a pleasant spot to hang out at. You get to know the differences between English and American men though, my goodness I must of been offered dinner 5 times in the space of 2 hours! Needless to say there was no fairytale in NY, quite honestly although happy for conversation ‘getting to know someone’ was the last thing on my mind!

I had three drinks and spoke to all kinds of different people before I decided it was time to head back, cant be getting pissed in NY alone right? On the way back the smell of Dim Sum proved too much and I had to place an order for some hot n sour soup, noodles and a coke to have before bed at the hotel.

Once again I was awake way before sunrise, Jet Lag is a bitch.