I try my best to make the best of each day, I really do but a reoccurring problem I find is the people who seem to think asking you to ‘smile!’ because it isn’t so bad or the ones who say you need to ‘stop being negative’ really need to take several seats. I too was guilty of saying these little chestnuts of wisdom but I stopped saying it a years ago because – I feel what I feel. And rather like Annie Lennox once said, ‘You don’t know what I feel’.

I am passionate, confident in my opinions and loud (apparently) so people tend to think of this as the defining qualities that shape me thus disqualifying me from having emotions or feelings and to be honest without cursing, it really gets my goose. I am not an animal in captivity whose job is to justify your mood by reflecting it on command. I have my own issues and thoughts to deal with. This doesn’t mean I’m being rude when I answer politely it just means I might not be in the mood for what you are, and that’s ok, as it works both ways.

I don’t consider myself a ‘negative’ person at all. I actually think I am pretty level headed but I can’t go round with a fake smile on my face all day, every day and being gifted with the whole Bit*hy rest face makes it all the harder. Sometimes I am sitting there blissfully happy and unaware of what others seem to be seeing and then comes the hand on the shoulder and the questioning of ‘Are you alright!? You look really angry!?’ *over the top voice of concern* this makes me feel like crap. I was feeling great now I feel like running to the mirror and wondering how I could look this way.

If you want some advice to be a good Samaritan or a good friend. Then treat it like business, KYC. That stands for ‘Know your Customer’ or ‘Know your Client’. A passing comment because you’re in a good mood and expect the rest of the world to be in one is actually pretty ignorant (not to bust your bubble, please be happy as much as you can!) and sometimes good intentions really do pave the way to hell, but in this case someone else is doing the walking.

Try to pick your times wisely and look for proof before you ask. Misplaced concern is as bad as none.

Just a thought I wanted to share.