Castlevania 2 – Simon’s Quest Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest was released for NES in 1987, published and developed by Konami. Dracula is back and it’s time to pick up the whip and show this sucker who’s boss! Castlevania for me, was a great game but unfortunately due to ridiculous puzzles, hearts AKA money being reset to zero after every death, false clues from towns people, shabby proof reading (I thought the errors were funny though, and I’m one to talk about proof reading lol)  and that bloody pop up holding your game up for like 5 or 7 seconds when the sun goes down or comes up, I understand why it got stick.  

You’re telling us!

I always found it amusing that our hero was called ‘Simon’ I don’t know why I guess it wasn’t the most heroic of names. I guess that’s why Nintendo Power had to use a ‘hard impact’ cover to take attention away?  


Just a severed Dracula..what’s scary?

I think one of my favorite parts of the game was discovering the underground levels below the lake (that prayer puzzle). I felt like a champion! My Brother and I were walking around for ages lost and pissed off then all of a sudden a whole new world opened up. Some of the “prayer puzzles” were more like some crazy person in development saying, ‘I know, lets make the player go to a dead end, kneel down and pray with a red/blue crystal selected so a tornado can come and take them to the next part….with little as little player indication as possible’ I really don’t know why ANYONE in the office didn’t maybe suggest something else, like ok, sounds good but lets put a statue of a bat at the dead-end and the red/blue crystal can be it’s heart/eye or something. That is just one of the many strange things to complete the game you have to do. I guess now I think back, I really rocked to of got as far as I did without any help, but on the other hand, thank goodness for walk-through!

But don’t expect too much from the final fight….