Commuters were left outraged yesterday when it transpired some idiot too busy taking pictures of the already crowded gate area to show how important they are on their social media pages while trying to prove just how busy the station was to their ‘haters’ once again have caused CHAOS by not getting business in order regarding ticket prep.

They happened to be in the station at rush hour time. The local melon who can’t be named for fear of repercussion said he had ‘only nipped out to get the meal deal at Tesco’ as the one near him had shut and decided to ‘get a tube home’ because it had started to rain.

The commuter didn’t realise how things work for everyday Londoners and said he doesn’t ‘commute often’ so was very unaware just how much of a fool he looked taking pictures of everyday situations. To add insult to injury when he got to the ticket gate his oyster was in his backpack much to commuters shock. The panicked fool was now in the middle of hundreds of commuters with his ruck sack on the floor desperately trying to find his Oyster card inside. People trying to get home were tripping over him and insulting him with names like ‘backpack wanker’ and ‘twat’. Tim from Mile end said: ‘what a bloody turnip’ while Layla from Harrow simply just shook her head and said she couldn’t speak.

If you have been impacted by idiots who don’t have their ticket ready, or have indeed been the idiot then please call this number 0800-GOA-WAY