Color Switch!

Color Switch is one of the most FRUSTRATING yet ADDICTIVE games ever! Produced by Eye Box Games – David Reichelt & Aditya Oza and some serious beats from Tom Garnett. I deleted this a while back as I was getting pissed off with loosing. Then I wanted it back, so once again I downloaded it and now I am raving on the subway most every morning to this game before it pisses me off once more and I have to deal with office life.

Cats n boots, cats n boots…tssshh

The point of the game is to pass your color of ball through the section of shape that corresponds, sound easy? WRONG. I barely can get 15 bloody point on this game!!! There are many variations on the take of this game including races, reverse, gravity and cave mode. You can have a good laugh at your friend too when they die on their first attempt with a high score of 1. It’s pretty entertaining! Well worth a download for hours of colorful fun!